PORTER Dedicates its Summer Issue to the Oceans

1 June 2018 – For its Summer Escape issue, PORTER is proud to partner with Parley for the Oceans – a global collaboration network pioneering a new approach to environmentalism – and to collaborate with creative heavyweights, acclaimed photographer Mario Sorrenti, and eco-warrior and cover star Anja Rubik.


For a second year, the title dedicates an entire issue to championing Content + Commerce + Cause and asks its readers to protect our beautiful oceans, the world’s most fragile eco-system, by making a plastic sacrifice. In response to that PORTER is proud to have taken the Parley AIR pledge, committing to an ongoing process of reducing and recycling all plastic in its workplace and practices. The Summer Escape subscriber issues (out June 1) will be delivered in paper envelopes and the title has made a commitment to be plastic-free across its global subscriptions by 2019.


Within the issue, PORTER takes a deep dive into the destructive reality facing our planet. “Did you know every second breath we take comes from the oceans?” says Rubik, Parley ambassador and PORTER’s guest editor. The 63-page ocean portfolio is styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington and shot in its entirety by Sorrenti, on Parley’s island in the Maldives. The photographs illustrate the stark reality and vast impact of plastic pollution; while the accompanying essay asks how we can all become more responsible, rethink our standards and embrace eco-innovation. “The fashion community can drive the movement – we can create trends,” Rubik tells PORTER.

This theme flows through the issue, with Parley for the Oceans founder Cyrill Gutsch interviewing the legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle about her lifelong love of the oceans and how we can ensure a better future for our blue planet. “No ocean, no life. No blue, no green. It governs climate, governs planetary chemistry. It’s where most of life on earth actually exists,” says Earle.

"Content + Commerce + Cause collides three worlds to impact change. This issue is dedicated to our beautiful seas and protecting our oceans. From the moment Parley first presented to our editorial team, each of us has been inspired to make changes to our own lives and PORTER is proud to make a commitment to an ongoing process of reducing and recycling plastic in our workplace and practices. Using our editorial platform to highlight this cause and engage the powerful medium of fashion is a milestone in protecting our oceans." - Lucy Yeomans, PORTER’s editor-in-chief

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